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Chuchu (Alex) Jones, 
Financial analyst, Writer, Investor,
Liberian presidential aspirant (2023)



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ChuChu (Alex) Jones 

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Writing journals, books, articles and my life stories 

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Who is Chu-C (Alex) Jones?


How I Came into Being


I was born in Monrovia, Liberia to the union of a Liberian mother (domestic chef and businesswoman) and a Senegalese father (intl. businessman, shoemaker, and technician).  I grow up average, but with all the love and care of a child. I am the youngest of five children and I attended the Cathedral Catholic School, where I played Junior Varsity Basketball and became part of my high school debate team.

Tragically, my happy and peaceful life all came crashing down in 1990 when the brutal Liberian civil war began. This resulted in my internal and eventual external displacement; I eventually ended up in refugee camps in Ghana and later displacement in the Ivory Coast. I lost my father during the Liberian Civil War in 1990, he was murdered by the blood-thirsty Arm Forces of Liberia (AFL) in his home in the City of Monrovia.  

Life Moves On

For many years I was displaced in and out of Liberia: facing hunger, cheating death, and evading being captured or killed by several Liberian rebel groups.  I return to Monrovia in 1994 to complete high school, and after finishing High School I obtained a US Residency Visa to join my family in the United States of America where I have obtained degrees in civil engineering, business, and finance.  

I still record that cold winter evening when I arrived at Washington DC Dallas Airport in the fall of 1996 and enjoyed my first white Christmas that December. It was the beginning of my new life, filled with much hope, aspiration, and desire to learn everything I could (Literature, world history, economics, technology) that I would one day return prepared to lead my country, Libera, to prosperity and development.   



After completing college in Columbus, Ohio in 2001, I began my career as a mortgage and banking counselor at JP Morgan Chase Bank.  I eventually moved on to New York City to further my finance experience, and later became an accountant and Independent Option and Derivative Trader in New York City (Wall Street). 


Along the way, I worked at Thor Equities (one of the largest private equity, institutional money manager and real estate development companies in America with assets of over $4 Billion) in finance and accounting, where I met and learned from my mentor the legendary billionaire investor Joseph Sitt.


I later went on to work at Bank of New York Mellon, Raymond James Financial, and eventually became a finance consultant at Citibank responsible for Citibank Federal Reserve Bank regulatory filings business technology.  I also was a part of Citi’s financial analysis team, working on the bank Federal Reserve CCAR Program and Fintech.   


Community Work 

I was also involved in and participated in various Liberia social and political activities, and I stayed in touch with the situation in Liberia as I eagerly awaited my return to help rebuild my country. I also worked with Liberian organizations in the US and built many relationships, serving at one point as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberian Student Association in America.


I also co-founder the Movement to Make Liberia Better (MLB), the most proactive Liberian international Think Tank and Pressure Group today, fighting political and economic corruption in Liberia.

Where I am Now

Having achieved over two decades of banking and corporate financial experience at America’s largest public and private corporations, I started my own investing company AlexJones&Associates, a proprietary trading, investment and financial planning firm directed black and low-income communities in America, and now Africa.  


AJ&J invests in option derivatives of fortune500 companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Bank of America, etc. I have written and will soon publish a comprehensive five-volume manuscript on Development Economics for poor communities and nations called: The Development Manifesto, a series of five books on how poor black communities and countries can use modern finance and technology to raise their HDI scores and overcome poverty and bridge the inequality gap between blacks and whites all over the world.

I am also a public speaker, panelist, journalist, and the business and economic editor of Global Afrique. I am now the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of this Social Media Network (Globalafricans.net)


My critical voice for justice, economic and social equality for Blacks in both America and the continent of Africa is my greatest passion and accomplishment, and running as an Independent Presidential Candidate in Liberia’s 2023 general elections will be my greatest honor.

Thank you and please join and support me in this fight for justice, equality, and economic prosperity for my people.





About Alex




Chu-Chu Alex Jones

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