"YHOO",14.8188,"6/22/2009","1:20pm",-0.9812,15.61,14.80,13944065,14.81,14.82,"-6.21%" "GOOG",402.25,"6/22/2009","1:20pm",-17.84,417.49,402.11,2399141,402.14,402.27,"-4.25%" "MSFT",23.359,"6/22/2009","1:20pm",-0.711,23.95,23.32,36595084,23.35,23.36,"-2.95%"
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Magdalene Saah, 
Truth FM Media Personility, Host and Co-Producer of BEF

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WELCOME to The Business & Economic Forum on 
STATE of The NATION (96.1 FM)


The Business and Economic Forum (BEF) is a professional gathering of Liberian Business, Finance and Economic Professionals and Experts from around the Globe.  

The goal of BEF is to discuss, debate and analyze various economic issues and challenges affecting Liberian businesses, institutions and government, help find solutions, and educate the public. BEF is broadcast throughout Liberia on Truth FM 96.1 every Friday on Truth FM State of the Nation.