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The Way to substainable development... 

The Movement
to Make

MLB is an International Development Think Tank and Pressure Group that is working to foster dialogues, discussions, and debates amongst local, national, and international leaders and stakeholders for Liberia.


Think Tank,


MLB brings together parties and stakeholders, academics and policymakers, politicians and students, and the general public together to foster social, political, and economic dialogues and understanding for development.  It invites members from all social and political parties to its chatroom and discussions forums to determine the best and brightest ideas and solutions for a new and more transparent Liberia that limits public corruption and bad government.

MLB also works with and endorses individuals and organizations with proven capabilities for public offices based on merit, evaluation, and engagement with the movement that could provide better leadership for Liberians in both the public and private sectors.


As a Pressure Group,


MLB assesses and evaluates the social, political, and economic activities of political parties, foreign and local businesses, foundations and corporations, and the government of Liberia. We conduct research studies, independent audits, and reviews on the social and economic dispensation and its effects on growth, development, and broad-based economic inclusion. 


Through its social media and media platforms, MLB publishes press releases, reports, articles, and statements of condemnation; and, routinely makes social and economic recommendations to prevent undemocratic and corrupt practices in Liberian government, NGOs, public and private institutions, and businesses operating in the country.  It also informs and educates Liberian voters and the general public on national and local public issues affecting the well-being of the people of Liberia.   

MLB Press Releases 

MLB Press Releases 

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MLB's Press Releases, Public Statements and Endorsements 

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MLB Chatroom 

MLB Chat Room 

Please let us know if you or  a stakeholder would like to join MLB's intellectual Interactive Chatroom on Facebook Messenger 


Rev. Saa Macathy, MLB Chairman Emeritus/Trustee

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