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What's Next for Ivis Wonlah?

A few years ago, a vibrant young African woman, Ivis Wonlah, emerged out of obscurity to social status in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ivis broke into the US black and African community limelight, writing multiple African movie scripts, acting, and publishing books.  Her series of children's books has been known for their authentic  African heritage, creativity and imagination.  Having achieve some success, she later moved on to more thought-provoking and sensitive topics and publishing an introspective novel called  "The African Female Perspective" that is now available and sold on Amazon Books.


Ivis soon after took some much-needed time off to become a loving young mother to Lee-Jr and Shiloh. After which, she reemerged earlier this year as one of the co-host of LIB TALKs, a widely viewed podcast aired on Facebook and YouTube that features five lovely young African ladies.  Ivis and her co-hosts share their views, lives, and perspectives of love, dating, politics, and other socially sensitive topics. Her cohosts include Rose-joy, Hawa, Jennifer, and Eva-all, inspiring mothers, wives and thoughtful Africa women. 


For the first time, these African women are publicly discussing and sharing everything and anything. Every week is a surprise, and every show is a balancing act between total transparency and discretion, and sometimes sometimes even indiscretion.


The show is growing into a provocative and progressive movement.  These young women share and discuss what was once taboos in the African culture. Still, what Ivis isn't sharing are her upcoming projects, movies ventures and literary works. Is she writing another book, scripting a new African movie, or dating a tall and handsome Africa or Caucasian man remains a mystery.  


Not only can we now view Ivis on Lib Talks (Facebooks), read her many children's books on Amazon or buy her introspective novels; we can now also enjoy her deepest thoughts, view her weekly fashion flares and hairstyles via her writings on The Global Africans online channel, magazine and blog. Visit Ivis Speaks under the blog tab to learn more about is incredible and inspiring modern African woman.     



Read Ivis ' weekly blog   on modern African style, fashion, and culture 

Ivis' weekly blog
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     President Paul Kagame of Rwanda is Africa's Most Progressive and Admired Leader based on recent survey

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Is Foreign Aid Good? A commentary on aid and what poor communities can learn from developing nations

Dec. 2017 - A short analysis on how aid and dependency can corrupt and destroy poor communities and nations.  This acclaimed documentary, Poverty Inc. captures the problems


Nigeria is ranked at the bottom globally, WHO Report reveals

Feb. 24 -  measures of child survival and well-being such as health, education, nutrition, equity and income gaps. 

It also includes a new global index of 180 countries, comparing performance on child flourishing. Nigeria ranks 174 out of 180 countries, below Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and South Sudan.

Rwanda leads Africa in growth and economic turn-around, according to the Washington Post 


Feb.  22 - A small Africa land-lock African  country with  little or no mineral resources has topped  Africa's growth and development ranking for the last two decades. President Paul Kagami of Rwanda continues to campion growth, higher living standards and development in Africa, while most of Africa suffers economic and social decline 

th (11).jpg

January 14, 2017

Coke Cola's  Former Executive, Alexander B. Cummings, Many Missteps in Securing Liberia's Presidency. His Final Chance?   



WASHINGTON, DC – Alex Cummings' transitioned from corporate executive to Liberian politician has been no walk in the park. His 2017 presidential loss, by a wide margin,  was a rude awakening for the once Jet-setting Coke Cola superstar.  

 It has been a different story for Cummings running for president of his war-torn country.  Liberia was ruled by Charles Taylor (convicted war criminal) and Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf ( Nobel laureate), both failed miserably as Liberia's Presidents and presided over a binge of corruption, nepotism, and government mismanagement has left the people impoverished.  

Cummings' newly formed collation alliance, CPP, an amalgamation of four of Liberia's largest opposition political parties, recently won several decisive parliamentary seats in the 2020 legislative elections.  Meanwhile, that doesn't seem to be enough to secure him as the head of that CPP presidential faceoff against the increasingly dictatorial soccer star George Weah in 2023.  if Cummings doesn't secured the top CPP ticket, it may perhaps be the beginning to the end of your short-lived political sting and a return to the corporate boardroom where he is more celebrated. 


May 22, 2020

Investment Predictions for 2021: Will Bitcoin Crash or Rise? 

Boston, MA - To say that Bitcoin has risen over the last few years would be an understatement, it has skyrocketed. Why many continue to make a fortune by diversifying and investing in cryptocurrencies, there are still many more who have no idea of what a bitcoin is. Therefore, GA News has selected this article to help you get some understanding of the blockchain.


May 1, 2020

After six attempts, An Anglican Priest, Wavel Ramkalawan, becomes President of Africa most prosperous nation, Seychelles. 



NEW YORK –  The tiny exotic African Island of Seychelle has elected an Anglican Priest as its new President and head of state.  


Priest Ramkalawa has been a leading government critic and human rights advocate for over three decades, which ironically has helped his country become the democratic and economic envy of Africa.  Seychelle has had the higher Human Development Index Score (.796) and Per Capita (US $29,000) for the last two decades 


May 22, 2020

President Biden's Son, Hunter, Reveals Crack-Cocaine Addiction in Memoir

Washington, DC - President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, revealed telling tales about his crack cocaine addiction in a recent interview promoting his memoir Beautiful Thinks. 

"Yeah, I spent more time on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that even closely — even remotely resembled crack cocaine," Hunter Biden told CBS's Tracy Smith in an interview that aired Sunday.   "I probably smoked more Parmesan cheese than anyone that you know, I'm sure, Tracy."


May 22, 2020

Who is really Running Nigeria ?



Lagos, Nigeria -Nobel Laurette, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has described the year 2020 as the most challenging year as a result of the vicissitudes of problems.

He added that Nigerian situation was worse as a result of the Imperial nature of its leadership at the socio-political and religious levels.

Soyinka, a professor of Literature spoke at the Booksellers, venue of the presentation of his new book, ‘Chronicles of the happiest people on earth,’ a book with over 500 pages which took him about 40years to write.

Soyinka said, “With the turbulence that characterizes year 2020, and as activities wind down, the mood has been repugnant and very negative. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but this is one of the most pessimistic years I have known in this nation and it wasn’t just because of COVID-19, no. Natural disasters had happened elsewhere but how have you managed to take such in their strides?

paul k.PNG

May 22, 2020

Should President Paul Kagame  Seek a Fourth Team, Why or Why Not?

Paris, France- Since 2000, President Paul Kagame has presided on one of the few Africa Success Stories: the Miracles of Rwanda's Social and Economic Transformation. He ended the genocide that killed almost a million of his people in under three months and brought a kind of civility, peace, and economic transformation unheard of in Africa.
After three successive teams in the office, the question on many international journalists' minds is whether or not he will run for a fourth team in 2024. President Kagame said during an interview in Brussel that he will not run for a fourth term. 
Paul Kagame has laid the foundation for continuous growth and development in Rwanda; therefore, either he runs [ and wins] or not it is a win, win for his country and people


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